About us

Hours of Operation:

Monday THRU Friday - 9 am - 6 pm
Saturday- 9 am - 12 pm (Hours may vary)
There is no DR available  between 1 pm and 3 pm. Our phones are  on and we are open for food and medication pick ups during this time.

Who We Are:

We are a small independently owned and operated veterinary hospital, and have been fully accredited for over twenty-five years. We take pride in giving your beloved four legged family member the best care possible.

At Ragged Mountain Animal Hospital, we understand the relationship you have with your pet and want to treat them as such. Our goal is to maintain the health and well being of your pet by giving the best medical treatment. We emphasize preventative care for healthy pets to maintain their well-being as well as complete diagnostic workups for those unhealthy pets to help them become healthy again. We also take pride in happy owners, so we educate our clients to help keep our four legged friends happy and healthy as well.

137 New Britain Ave. Plainville, CT 06062

Phone: 860-747-4256  Fax: 860-747-8998

E-mail: raggedmt137@gmail.com
If you have any concerns, questions, or would like to order food for your pet you may use our e-mail, and we will respond as soon as possible.

If ordering food please allow one week for the order to process before picking up.

Dr. Kimm graduated from Iowa State College of Veterinary Medicine over 25 years ago, and he opened Ragged Mountain Animal Hospital about 5 years later. He strives to give each patient his utmost attention and care every visit, and he will not cease until he finds a remedy to your pet's problem. He is a general practitioner, and does general surgery. He has recently specialized in a new technique to fix torn anterior cruciate ligaments (ACL); he was taught personally by the creator, Dr. Mayo. This new surgical technique known as the Tibial Tuberoscity Advancement (TTA) has been 99% successful over the past few years, Dr. Kimm has about 80% of the dogs walking home the same day on the corrected leg. Dr. Kimm will do anything to help your four legged family member maintain a happy healthy lifestyle.

Office Manager: Katie  staff

She has been working with Dr. Kimm for over 10 years and keeps the practice running smoothly. She is compassionate and will do anything for her patients as well as their owners.

The Technicians: Amy, Crystal, Danielle, Anthony, Emilio

Treat all animals and their owners with the utmost care and respect, they work to maintain healthy and happy pets. They educate owners to keep their companions happy and healthy.

Our Receptionist

Liz  works very hard at the front desk to help clients with all their phone call needs, from making appointments to answering questions or forwarding it to the appropriate  staff member.