Meet Our Team

Dr. Toby J Kimm

Dr. Kimm graduated from Iowa State College of Veterinary Medicine over 25 years ago, and he opened Ragged Mountain Animal Hospital about 5 years later. He strives to give each patient his utmost attention and care every visit, and he will not cease until he finds a remedy to your pet's problem. He is a general practitioner, and does general surgery. He has recently specialized in a new technique to fix torn anterior cruciate ligaments (ACL); he was taught personally by the creator, Dr. Mayo. This new surgical technique known as the Tibial Tuberoscity Advancement (TTA) has been 99% successful over the past few years, Dr. Kimm has about 80% of the dogs walking home the same day on the corrected leg. Dr. Kimm will do anything to help your four legged family member maintain a happy healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Sara Dupre

Dr. Dupre worked with Dr. Kimm as a technician over 10 years ago and has since graduated from Iowa State College of Veterinary Medicine, and has practiced for five years now. She takes a more holistic based approach to medicine and will find alternative solutions to keep your four legged family member healthy. Dr. Dupre strives to treat each patient with compassion and care, while making the experience as stress free as possible.


Our New Office Manager

Danielle has moved to the Sunshine in Florida, she will miss all of the clients, patients and family of Ragged Mountain that she has met over the last 10 years and is thankful for everything Dr. Kimm has taught her along the way.

Emilio will gladly help with any questions or concerns you have regarding your furry family member's health and care. Emilio started as a technician in 2015 and will be taking on the responsibilities as Ragged Mountain's office manger.

Our Technicians

Allison, Chantelle, Crystal, Shonda, and Anthony

Treat all animals and their owners with the utmost care and respect, they work to maintain healthy and happy pets. They educate owners to keep their companions happy and healthy.

Our Receptionists

Amy and Liz

Work very hard at the front desk to help clients with all their phone call needs, from making appointments to answering questions or forwarding it to the appropriate  staff member.

Office Hours

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